Metadibs creates artistic visions in a digital universe.

We lead creatives and artists into the Web3 space. Our use of gamification creates interactive stories with playful connections to the physical world. For a limitless digital experience and a community that shares our vision.

Artists. Curated without convention.


Apply to become a Metadibs Artist.


500+ OG Artworks sold, 10.000 OREMOB PFPs sold.


Genesis drop coming early 2023

Evelyn Abermotion

Genesis drop coming soon

Lionel Smit

Genesis drop coming soon

Holger Lippmann

344 OG Artworks sold, bigger drops coming soon.

Cone The Weird

Genesis drop coming soon
01 /07

Tool Set.

  • IP & Narrative Development

    Creating the Foundation with Strategic & Conceptual Work, Roadmap & Narrative Development.

  • Whitelabel NFT drops

    Development of a Custom Web3 Art Minting Website a Gamified Storyline and Marketing Assets.

  • Community 3.0

    Development of a 3.0 Community Concept tailor-made for the artistic vision.

  • 3D Experiences

    Creation of Unique VR World as Web Experience and/or extension of eCommerce as vStores.


Row Weber

Dr Ben Brudler

01 /02


  • 01 / 10.000 Artworks sold
  • 02 / Metadibs® Utility Membership
  • 03 / Release of first Metadibs® Web3 game
  • 04 / Metadibs® Membership
  • 05 / Multi-Chain Marketplace


*Mandatory fields.
Evelyn Abermotion by Mint date tba in early 2023

Genesis Drop with 33 Pieces.